The action seeks to align with the “Agricultural and Rural Development Support Grant Scheme” call through its specific objectives and following activities. The action will increase the competitiveness and presence of the agri-rural operator Planet Resort, which in turn will support local farmers in the area, aligning itself with the objectives of the call. The main priorities of the action are diversifying recreational activities in the local, rural area, improving environment protection and efficient use of natural resources, promoting rural tourism, ensuring women and minority inclusion. Thus, contributing to an increase in economic activity.

The action will implement activities in line with the Grant Scheme such as gender equality, minority inclusion, vertical integration of farmers, job creation, promotion of best practices and supporting environmental protection. The activities are as follows:

  • Building a handicap-accessible playground for children
  • Constructing two outdoor tennis courts equipped with racquets and balls
  • Establishing a souvenir shop with handicrafts made by local women
  • Installing solar panels for heating the water for the restaurant and hotel
  • Restoring the riverbed
  • Building a riverside walking route with benches, bins and solar powered lights
  • Creating 10 new job positions for the local community- 100% women
  • Contracting ten local farmers encouraging women and minorities as local suppliers for meat products, dairy products, fruits and vegetables
  • Establishing a website for bookings
  • Participating in marketing activities such as national and international tourism fairs, advertising

Planet Resort on tourism sites and engaging actively with social media. Additionally, IPA Agriculture and Rural Development Support Grant Scheme aims for the improvement of living standards of Kosovo’s rural population and social and economic inclusion. Planet Resort aims to align the action with IPA Agriculture and Rural Development Support Grant Scheme priorities by creating ten job positions for the local community in the resort’s new facilities while encouraging women to apply. Also, ten local farmers will be contracted as suppliers of meat products, dairy products, fruit and vegetables. This will ensure social-economic inclusion of the minorities and women therefore offering them an income and financial independence.